Security Smart Convenient


1 Safe Browsing

CoolNovo is based on the safest browser kernel — chromium, using Safe Browsing and Sandboxing to protect you from suspect sites.

2 Privacy

CoolNovo puts you in control of your private information while helping protect the information you share when you’re online.

3 Stable

CoolNovo uses multi-process structure to prevent browser crushing down from malware.


1 Autofill

CoolNovo fills out forms faster on all your computers.

2 Auto Translate

CoolNovo automatically translates a page to your language while browsing.

3 Cloud Switch

CoolNovo uses cloud switch between Webkit kernel and IE kernel while browsing different types of sites.


1 Super Drag

You can use super drag to open a link or search selected text super easily.

2 Mouse Gestures

CoolNovo enable you to custom your own mouse gestures.

3 Double click

You can double click tab to close page.